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VPI BV offers innovative solutions aimed at medical professionals.


REVEAL is an innovative software solution that translates CT- and MRI datasets real time into full 3D holographic imagery. By using stereoscopic 3D glasses the user is able to fly through the body, toggle the visibility of tissue and get a clear picture of the anatomy and pathology. REVEAL’s software can be used with fairly simple standard hardware. It can also give patient and others involved, a great insight into the injury or condition. In addition, REVEAL can serve as an instrument during an MDO to formulate the right treatment plan.

The goal

REVEAL is a product that needs to be used in real life to truly understand and experience the added value. The product needed to be explained to convince the target audience of the added value of it. With the ultimate goal of activating people to get interested in having a demonstration in real life. This was the most challenging part, as the experience itself is so convincing. At the same time, it is impossible to give the viewer a steroscopical experience without additional tools.

Our solution

We created a medical software animation that communicated this technical matter in an understandable manner. The focus within the animation is on the ease of use of the application and on the diversity of situations in which this tool can be used.

final result

The challenge was to create an animation that meets the actual user experience. Therefore we visualised the anatomy and body in 3D, combined with the right amount of abstraction and a clean colour palette, making it an accessible and easy to understand animation.


Stereoscopy ensures that the actual depth is visible in the 3D image. The way in which the user experiences this cannot be captured in image, but by combining a combination of isometric illustration and 3D elements, its spatiality is emphasised.


The animation has been used by VPI to sell their complex product and idea to the target audience. In addition we created a set of high res stills that were used for promotional purposes.

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