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Social shorts

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The hardest platforms to stand out on are social media. You want to stay visible and have renewed content to post over a long period of time. To keep your feed up-to-date for your current followers and have content that stands out in campaigns to reach potential clients. As there is so much content shared every day where users scroll through quickly. And when people are triggered to look at your content, they decide if they want to watch the entire video in the first few seconds. This makes the approach of a social short different from a full length animation, where there is a complete build up in storyline. With our experience we can advise you in what to show on your socials. These are short animations (loopable social short teasers) of approximately 10-15 seconds based on the full length animation that can be used (in a campaign) on social media. With a call to action the viewer can be redirected to the website. This way you can focus on specific topics in a post that trigger your target audience.

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A successful animation is more than just production. We think along in finding the best way to implement your animation and produce additional deliverables to reach your goals. As a company you are constantly focused on having content that is needed to explain or promote your concept. You work on your marketing strategy and search for the right assets to match. As an animation studio we want to help you in your wants and needs. We don't just create full length animation, but we make sure your strategy is developed even further by giving advise on assets that match your marketing ideas. This way your animation is used optimally and for a long period of time.


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