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Creating an animationfilm helps you communicate about your product effectively. We offer a wide range of services and expertise to meet your various needs in animated content, regardless of the complexity or industry. With a strong concept, we provide your target audience with clear insights and convince them of the value of your product.

Creating an animationfilm offers endless possibilities and gives you the freedom to show exactly what you want. We offer numerous options for presenting your message, from realistic and detailed visuals to animations. We can also design (3D) models that perfectly match your style. Think, for example, of an abstract design with clear graphics to inform and explain. We ensure the solution that delivers the best result for you.

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As an animation studio, we strive for the best result. Therefore, every project with us starts with conducting extensive research. Whether it is a technical service, a medical product, an innovative concept, or a sustainable project, we want to understand it. By combining our knowledge of animation with your knowledge of your product, we create a strong design and storyline that convinces.

We employ a transparent working method in which you can follow every step of the process. We like to involve you in the project so that together we develop a custom-made animation that is accurate, appeals to your target audience, and reflects what you stand for.

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Why us?

We always create unique animations that will blow your customers and competitors away. That's why we let our work speak for itself. Our visuals are enlightening and need no explanation.

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We provide advice on the right (video marketing) strategy and coordinate the necessary assets with you.


We do not get fixated on techniques but find the right solution for you, with a transparent process.


years experience in which we raise the bar for every project

our approach

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  • website content & animation

    Westfalia fruit

    The development of various tools through which Westfalia Fruit can properly communicate about sustainability.

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  • rebrand video with animation

    fokker services

    The new brand positioning of Fokker Services visualized in a cinematic way through a combination of video and animation.

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  • energiesprong animation

    net zero energy explanation animation


    An informative animation with a commercial character to convince the target audience of the added value of NZE (Net Zero Energy).

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  • character design & animation

    rendement uitgeverij

    The development and application of the 3D character Rendie, who serves as the face of Rendement in all their media expressions.

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"Your fantastic artwork has helped in making our vision understandable, and that is very valuable."

Jan Willem Heinen
Co-founder & CEO Maeve Aerospace
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Get the most out of your  animationfilm

Creating an animationfilm is actually just the beginning; a lot of work goes into creating and perfecting the virtual scenes. That's why it's smart to think ahead in terms of content marketing. As an animation studio, we work with you to get the most out of this investment.

Consider pre-planned content for your social media posts, which ensures a varied and continuous stream of content. Or high-quality stills for print, such as banners for the most important trade show of the year. We can also create standalone loops or still images from the animated video for your website. This ensures variety and coherence in telling your story with impressive visuals, with the ultimate goal of establishing contact between you and your potential customers. Once the scenes and models are ready, it's often a small step to a lot more content!

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After receiving your request, an initial introduction naturally takes place. We are curious about you, your company, and, of course, the subject matter. You can explain where your communication challenges lie. Based on all this information, we can get started on a suitable proposal. Once approved, the project really begins!

Concept & storytelling

After the briefing, we know what your goals are. To ensure the visuals align with your target audience, we conduct thorough research into the target audience itself, competition, as well as the complexity, unique aspects, and functionality of the product. In addition, we conduct substantive and conceptual brainstorming in preparation for the kick-off. We work results-oriented and therefore also advise on additional assets that align with your (marketing) strategy.

Kick off

During the kick-off, all project stakeholders are present, and together we delineate the content of the storyline and discuss additional inspiration. Additionally, we give each other space to ask questions. We can ask questions based on the preliminary research, and you can ask questions about the process. We also present our process, align the project's schedule, and determine feedback moments.


Creating a storyboard makes the story visible. It tells step by step which topics are addressed in which composition and order. We divide the storyline into scenes supported by a sketchy image. This allows us to decide together whether the story is clear and the animation complete. Additionally, we often deliver an animated storyboard to assess timings (for example, of the voice-over).

Concept design

During the concept design phase, the design of the animation is determined. We do this by developing style frames, which are static fragments based on your identity. In these, we present the final look & feel of the animation that will appeal to the target audience. These style frames are always custom-designed and result in unique designs. They will perfectly match your brand.


After completing the concept design, we begin production. We work in various phases, delivering previews of the animation. These previews showcase elements such as the 3D camera animation, the use of models, and texturing. Once all steps are completed, we deliver the final preview. Then, we add the finishing touches and deliver an animation that meets all your wishes and needs.


The animation communicates the key message that convinces your target audience. However, you can imbue the images in the animation with a certain feeling, emphasize them further, or provide additional explanation. We offer the possibility to bring the animation even more to life with music, sound effects, and/or a voice-over.


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