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CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center) was founded in 1999 with the mission to change the world by developing an innovative ecosystem that enables entrepreneurs to develop new products and companies faster and better.


CIC is located in Boston, St. Louis and Cambridge. Rotterdam is also part of this, with a location called Het Groothandelsgebouw.

The goal

The aim of this animation was to convince investors and tenants of the Groothandelsgebouw of the potential and possibilities of the building. The futuristic atmosphere of the building had to be translated into the animation.

Our solution

The look and feel of the animation is a combination of 3D and 2D elements. Simple design complemented by graphic and animated 2D elements. The storyline is built from a sketchy look & feel to a complete forward-looking visual.

final result

The animation was built by bringing in separate elements one by one. This is how we made the building come to life step by step.


It was important to apply the CIC corporate identity. That's why we combined the orange and green tones and looked for additional colors that complement and complete the look.


In addition to the full animation, we made a super montage for a social short.

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