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Bühler Group is a globally active provider of solutions for the food, feed and mobility industries.


This is how they introduced the Granulex 5 series, the energy-efficient and flexible flagship of Bühler's hammer mills. Another product that we created an animation for is the Cenomic Optima. This pearl mill offers a range of innovative technology improvements to accelerate wet grinding while maintaining product quality.

The goal

The animations allow the target group to understand the functionalities and benefits and feel called to learn more about the product. The animations are used for sales presentations, socials and events.

Our solution

It was important that all technical aspects, specifications and unique features of the product were accurately visualized. In addition to the full length animation, we produced several CMYK stills for Bühler. The animation was used at events to promote the launch of the new Granulex 5 series.

final result

With extensive research and various references to the mechanism of action, it was ensured that the animation is correct and technically accurate.


To explain the functions of the machines, had to be visualized how the grinding process works from the inside. That is why we tested various techniques to simulate the dynamic particle flow. We were able to show the breaking of the grinding process in a semi-realistic and clean way.


The successful first project with Bühler Group has ensured long-term cooperation: “We really appreciate the collaboration with this dynamic, motivated and professional team. They have created informative product videos for our solutions that inspire our customers. We look forward to realising more projects in the future.” After the success of the first collaboration, the animation for the Cenomic Optima also followed.

Each project requires a unique approach and solution. Let's talk and discuss how we can help you!

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